💡It’s Text Marketing Tuesday !

Updated: Mar 19

💡It’s Text Marketing Tuesday and if you don’t know what text marketing is...pull out your phone, yes, get out your your text message app, and at the top, type the number 90407, and in the message line, type GENIUS, and click Send!

💸 offers one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to market any business or service. With great response rates and a positive response from customers- 90% of texts are opened within 3 minutes!

💫 No matter the industry, text marketing is the evolution of advertising. Connect with more customers than ever before. Follow, like, and subscribe to join some of our top Text Geniuses like:

Flossy Furs

Jada Giovonni Hair Co.

Girl Boss Boutiques

My Pretty Vanity Spa & Boutique

Jewelz By Tracy Lynn

Shay B. Beautiful

📌If you sell a product or service? Send a text with product links, so customers can buy instantly from their phone and increase your profits!

📌If you offer business coaching? Send a text with appointment reminders and motivational quotes to make a bigger impact!

📣Follow us on Clubhouse, Facebook, and IG @TextMarketingGenius, like and subscribe to our new YouTube channel: Let’s Talk, and be the first to know and learn how to add links, digital flyers, engaging and catchy text to tell your customers what you want them to know, how to take action, and where to reach you.

It's time to take your business to the next level!


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