I Won, Just What I Asked For!

You will not believe what's been happening these last few weeks.

Every day, I wake up, pray and meditate on what needs to be done for the day or that week. This month, in particular, I started asking God to remove all blocks to my success, show me the way and what needs to be done.

I affirm every day, that all blocks have been removed from my business and that I am a healthy, wealthy, and spiritual millionaire.

Please know that affirmations are a powerful tool if you learn how to use them correctly, I'll be sharing my techniques with you in the coming posts.

Now, we know that hope is one thing, faith is another, and having that faith without works is dead. So I kept on applying for the Comcast RISE Grant and as you see, I WON!

My commercial for The Text Genius will run for 90 days starting this Spring! What a blessing.

But wait, that is not all - I also posted an open position on Indeed for a Sales Affiliate Manager and the response has been great.

I have an awesome Comcast Account Representative, Mrs. Dawn Williamson that I will be working with to expose my brand online and on television. I am so excited to see what happens next.

Here's a sneak peek of the commercial you see on a TV near you real soon!

The Text Genius. All rights reserved by the US Trademark Office.

We even got a new look!

Text Genius is a key advertising and marketing component for businesses of all sizes. Text messaging creates a more personal connection vs other types of contact. Mass messaging is delivered immediately; directly to new and existing customers. Text messages have a more than thirty percent response rate making it the most effective way of marketing.


Just in!

Brand new pieces at the NLove Boutique

Introducing: Pretty Lady


SKU: NL591044

Hey Pretty Lady!

You can dress this piece up with a beautiful sundress or dress it down with jeans and a sassy blouse.

Get your Pretty Lady piece today, take a picture and tag me @NoelLove on Facebook or @NoelNicoleLove on IG.

I can't wait to see how you rock it sis!

Pretty Lady Necklace and Earring Set.

Still getting organized in the new year?

Get some new ideas here!

I've been watching this show on Nextflix: Get Organized with The Home Edit. Everyone has space to get organized, and The Home Edit team are the organizational gurus you need! From celebrities like Reese Witherspoon to everyday civilians, Get Organized follows The Home Edit's Clea and Joanna as they use their unique organization system to take spaces from MESS to YES.

Watch it here:

Looking for local, hands-on help with getting your home organized?

Contact LaToya, a personal shopper and retail consultant at your service.

I have met some of the most talented people ever, so if you need help getting organized, have no time to shop, or have items in your closet that you don't even wear or use?

Check out LaToya's, All-2-gether Savvy services on IG here.

Alltwogether Savvy-on Facebook

LaToya (248) 469-2072

Personal Shopper

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Savvy Stylist

Retail Consultant

Closet Organizer/Refresher

BlindSpot Supplier

As always, Be Prosperous, Love Noel

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